Machines That Give Life to The Seed


Machines That Give Life to The Seed

Machines That Give Life to The Seed

With the development of technology, there have been improvements in the agricultural sector depending on the cultivation area. Planting machines started to come into play and sowing became faster. With the developing technology in the field of agriculture, being faster and more practical, there has been an increase in the labor force.

With the mechanization used in this area, it was inevitable to see an increase in the labor force rate and as a result, many machines started to be produced. Thus, different machines for all types of agricultural activities began to come up. What are these machines? Let’s examine what are the benefits of it …

What are the Features of the Machines Used in Sowing?

It has become possible to encounter many types of machines according to the type of soil and the type of product to be cultivated. The development of technology has led to the differentiation of these activities in agriculture.

Broadcast seeding machines are generally one of the most useful machines in the scattering of fertilizer at an equal rate in agriculture. Although not recommended, it is known that people, who engaged in agriculture in many provinces of our country, use these machines. These machines are used mostly during the sowing of grains which are grown in cool climates. The reason why it is not recommended is the increase in the labor force due to the expenditure of seed depending on the use of machinery and the use of a second machine.

Even though the no-till machine is one of the machines that spread day by day in our country, it is actually the machine that attracts a lot of attention worldwide. Recently, it has become a trend as sowing machines around the world. Using it as a method of seeding without cultivating the soil plays the main role in this trend.

Another agricultural machine is the pneumatic single seed planter. Its main purpose is to make it easier to plant seeds in a certain order. Simultaneously dispersed seeds germinate simultaneously. As the name suggests, this process is carried out with a pneumatic mechanism. Another name is used as stubble drill machine.

Mechanical seeders are known as the machine that gives life to another seed. It is mostly used for the cultivation of crops that require hoeing such as cotton, sunflower and corn. It is also known as precision sowing machines. There are also varieties of planting machines that do not only seed but also seed and fertilizer.

Eker-Mak EKINOKS Seed Drill Machine

It plays an important role in sowing seeds of coarse grained crops as well as medium sized crops. It can work without clogging with the planter discs and the mechanisms it has. The quality and longevity of the materials used in its construction play an important role in making a good choice in this regard.

The Ekinoks Combined Planter was manufactured by a specialist team with the finest detail in mind. It carries out the burying process without leaving its seeds on the soil surface. It has been produced in compatible with all harsh conditions.

Eker-Mak Chickpea Seed Drill

With the preparation of the chickpea seedbed, the cultivation of coarse chickpeas is provided. It can make fine adjustments and adjust the soil fertilizer balance. Thanks to the seedboxes that prevent splashing, a much better process can be done.

It has the ability to sow seeds together with the fertilizer box. By adjusting the seed size, the flaps are also adjusted. It offers a long-lasting use thanks to its seed throwing discs made of steel. Also, the spring plate is high resistance.

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